Every good story has a beginning, and this is ours. 

Sometimes in life you have to be willing to take big steps in the hopes that these steps will lead to something amazing, something beyond belief. Something WORTH sharing with the rest of the world because keeping it a secret would be a terrible injustice. 

Sometimes, you have to start even when the road ahead is uncertain, when all you know is that this path – however uneven or overgrown, however scary or intimidating – is not a path untravelled, just LESS travelled. 

No matter what, ever big journey has a beginning and THIS, this is ours. 

Welcome to the first day (kind of) of the 32*ish* week journey where we work towards building income sufficient to FIRST, keep my husband home after his stint as a stay at home dad on parental leave, and SECOND as we grow this journey in our blog’s name sake. As we journey Here to Homestead, from the middle-class, one income, five children and BIG DREAMS family to one that lives abundantly in God’s grace, hosting and serving on our dream Homestead and loving a life where giving, community and the glorification of our Almighty God is at the centre of all we do. 

Over the next 32 weeks we will be sharing the lessons we learn, our trials and our triumphs, we will share our recommendations for personal development, budgeting, income streams and more as we work from the ground up on dreams bigger than we are accustomed to. 

This journey is not one we want to walk alone so make sure you take a moment to subscribe to the blog so that you can stay abreast of the VLOG postings, the funny antics, the mom moments and what we recommend as “best practice” for the ordinary people looking to make the leap to living extraordinarily. 

The first step:


Watch out for the tips on creating a vision board, on breaking through the hesitation, and on making it “real” even when you are pretty sure it’s all a dream!