Have you ever had an idea that was just so great you NEEDED to act on it immediately?

Or, at least you felt like you needed to act on it but then maybe you hesitated, you waited a little while so that you could “flush out” your thoughts, and then you allowed yourself to build doubt in your abilities to see this magnificent idea to fruition?

Hands up if that is you. I’ll be honest with you, it is TOTALLY me. I am that big dreamer, come up with a million and one ideas, even sketch it all out, research some of it, have this wonderful plan that will *for sure* work, and then I pause.

I pause ever so slightly, just long enough for the fear of failure to set in, enough time for that looming sense of “let’s be realistic here” to take a choke hold of that brilliant idea … and then … there is nothing.

LIE >> there is less than nothing because GENERALLY speaking, I have enough passion and excitement at the *potential* of my dreams that I invest some money in them, just enough money to make a professional GO of the idea, but not enough for me to see it through.

Whether it is the spaghetti brain that is up in my head *thanks largely to my four little dudes and fifth “bonus” baby on the way* or it is the fear of the past that keeps me rooted in the … well … past, it is something that has come up as a GIANT MF roadblock and it’s about time to stir up the dynamite and free this dreamers soul.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I am willing to bet that there is this tiny, yet unstoppable, NAG in you that is begging you to let go of fear and try for something better. There is that whisper that there may be a different road for you and your family, and maybe, just MAYBE, it IS possible to live abundantly … but you don’t know where to start. It’s possible that you told everyone and their momma that you had this brilliant, like next level iPod, revelation, that would certainly be a game changer – and then you dragged your feet.  And now, you would rather slink into the shadows like some creature of the night than face the *embarrassment* of starting about a month … or four (or even a year) after your initial excitement … but please, PLEASE, for the love of all things amazing, don’t let the dream die.

Don’t be so enslaved by the opinions of others, that you fail to live up to your God given potential. Don’t lose the spark, the hope, the FUTURE you initially dreamed of just because you didn’t hit the ground at an all out sprint. Accept the idea that you made your jump a little early, and that your start looked more like a baby deer attempting to walk on ice than it did a majestic eagle taking flight, but you still had the mom balls to make the jump. You had the gusto to declare your passion to the world and, while you might have to polish off your skills and dust off your shame, you are ready NOW for the fight.

So, grab a hold of that spark, don’t let it dim and don’t allow the nay-sayers to cast any shade of your path. The only people who throw shade at those willing to try something new, are the one’s who aren’t << remember that. No successful person will ever shake their heads at your effort to start and start again.

So start, again. And again, and AGAIN until your feet follow the path you are designing, until your life is becoming more and more congruent with that picture that had you brimming with excitement in the first place. Don’t keep waiting, don’t allow the doubt seed to keep spreading it’s insidious poison, act NOW with a new start, whatever it is.

The Timer Tidy

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It doesn’t help when your husband is forever asking, “what needs to be done?”

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Chore Charts!

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When One Door Closes

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