Spring has sprung and it is time to put away the winter coats and boots (almost, I meant it is still a risk that you might get caught in 6 inches of snow).

It’s that crazy transition time when the weather is slightly above freezing and every Canadian is out in shorts, a t-shirt and their cracking Birkenstocks from three years past. Everyone and their brother is soaking in the “heat” as our bodies accustom to the changes in season.

As more skin shows, more self doubt sets in (am I right mommies).

Here is my simple tip for ROCKING your mom bod this spring!

You have to hold onto your hats for this one because I am going to get all deep and broody as I normally do. 

Are you ready ….

Ok, so before we dive into it, for realz’, I want to share with you the simple fact that this has been a struggle for me – FOR YEARS. 



I have been pregnant so long my body no longer seems to know how to function without growing a human and is *literally* fighting my weightless efforts with every ounce of it’s being. 

And yes, I am classifying it as a separate entity from myself because I OBVIOUSLY would know how to obey my simple rules of eating better and moving more. Which I *obviously* do. 

Here it is ladies, I have found the trick to increased confidence in the years where you feel like your body is failing you in every imaginable way.

Get. A. Pedicure. 


I said it. I shared the ultimate tip for feeling more confident this spring. 

And now I know that every nail salon in the area will be thanking me because my loyal following of like 10 ladies will be rushing out to get their nails all did up fancy like. 

I mean, splurge a tad ladies and get some nail art on there. Maybe a flower or glitter. 

Go for the glittery flower! I mean, what is holding you back, they are just toes! 

Toes that will be on display for the foreseeable future until the snow falls and decides to say. Because, if you are anything like me, the second the snow melts enough to bring out the Birks, that is your choice of footwear for everything. 



Going out to the movies, Birks.

Night out with the ladies, Birks. 

Play date at the park, Birks. 

Stink, I would be lying if I told you that I hadn’t seriously considered wearing my Birks on a date with my husband. Even though I know he HATES that choice of footwear. 

They are the be all, end all, of mom life (especially with back to back, to back, to back, to BACK pregnancies) those puppies never let you down. 

So, now that you will be showing off all those toes and that tiny bit of ankle that peeps out past your maternity jeans, it’s high time you prepare yourself properly for a confident spring. 

Truth is, your body is going to take time to change. I mean, as much as I joke that I am going to adjust my diet to consist only of ice and air because I am hella frustrated with my lack of success in trimming down and I am slowly coming to the sinking realization that I will not be the petite sister at my baby brothers wedding, this small thing (painted toes) can do wonders for the confidence boost. 

So what’s it going to be for you, bright pink or some funky tie-die inspired colour to get you through the spring season in style? 

I’m opting for the pinkest of pinks at the moment and I think it’s pretty swell. 

Oh, and while you’re at it, you might want to shave that big toe. 

Don’t laugh or pretend like you don’t have a tiny forest of darker than the rest of your body hairs down there on that big toe. We all have that hairy friend. Give her a shave, get that pedicure, enjoy a girls night where you can all laugh at the fact that the poor nail technicians are subject to massaging your stubbly calves because you totally forgot to shave the rest of your leg besides your big toe, and get ready for a rockin’ body this spring. 

Oh, and if you need a laugh or you just want a visualization to help you along with your day. The last time I went to get a pedicure I forgot all about the fact that you get that foot bath. I wore my skinny jeans. My skinny jeans, on my less than skinny body. 

I decided that I would demonstrate my extreme amount of comfort and confidence by rolling said jeans up above my calves. 

What could possibly go wrong.


Everything could possibly go wrong. 

When it was time to leave the seat and I attempted to roll down my pant legs it became evident that they were stuck and with wet nails there was not much I could do to coax them down further. Despite the technician, and the apprentices attempts, it was clean that the pants were going to stay rolled to just below my knee cap, slowly cutting off circulation to the rest of my legs. 

I *literally* had to excuse myself to the ladies room and undress to release the pant legs, free my calves (now canckles) and return to have my manicure finished. 

Dignity … semi-intact. 

So, it happens sisters, laugh with it, roll with it, and – for goodness sakes – wear looser fitting pants for your pedicure (after you shave your big toes and your legs).

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