Because I am notorious for falling OFF the wagon after the *cough* third *cough* workout, I am putting it out there … this year, after baby 5, it is time to SERIOUSLY get a body that isn’t my mom-bod. 

Guys, it is HARD, being pregnant five times in as many years. Having five little chaos-creators five and under is taxing, on the good days, and then you add in the immense pressure to get back to the pre-baby body and it can certainly feel like a losing battle. 

Not to mention, every time my body gets anywhere near pre-baby shape, my husband gets so “excited” that he ends up getting me pregnant all over again. And then the cycle continues. 

I would LOVE to tell you that I am one of those adorable pregnant ladies who look like they’ve had a burrito about thirty seconds before giving birth, that I wore THE most fashionable clothing or glowed with each pregnancy but – GUUUURL – that would be a lie! Like a big fat LIE, one the size of my left butt cheek about 6 months into my pregnancy. 

I expand like a whale! I get a big ‘ol stomach and at about 5 months of gestation I will undoubtedly have people ask me how many babies I am having, if I am due any day or if I am expecting my baby to basically WALK out of my uterus it will be so big. 

So, needless to say, I am not ignorant to the desperate desire to shed those baby pounds as soon as the little one makes their entrance, and this go around will be no different (it doesn’t help, might I add, that I have a wedding for my brother in law less than nine months postpartum and I would desperately like to feel “normal” and not postpartum for the big event). 

So, it is going on here. The struggle to push play for the fourth workout, and the fifth, sixth, seventh and hopefully it will become routine … the battle with learning to eat in accordance with what fuels a healthy momma (breastfeeding because breast is best and I am quite frankly, too frugal to pay for formula when I can supply the good stuff for free) and the desire to figure out what my new “normal” is. Because, SERIOUSLY, when you have been pregnant for the last 50 of the last 77 months it’s hard to know WHAT your body looks like.