Every so often we want a fresh look, a new coat of paint, maybe the rearranging of furniture or – which usually happens in my case – a new house all together. 

The same is true of our online spaces, sometimes they need a bit of refining, a facelift or a change in pace, to bring them to a place where they can *hopefully* serve a larger audience with continued quality and authenticity.

That’s what I am hoping to do here, over the next few weeks, as I research and apply some “pro” tips, to bring you more consistent content that breathes life into your busy days.

Inspiration, education, a laugh or just a space where you can feel accepted, to be reminded that you are not alone and that we all struggle in this journey of motherhood << me most of all.

So, what does that mean … well, if I build off my last post and I commit with all my mom-being and the sense of “I can do anything” I have as I unwrap our new iMac, I would say consistency, direction and a clear purpose to bring you something fresh.

Not always perfectly polished Pinterest worthy photos of the latest meal or the DIY project that looks like it could be sold at Barnes and Noble it is so fricken’ well done.

Something refreshing and true to form with who this mess of a momma is. It’s not sugar coated but humble and authentic and girl, I’ll be your best friend if you don’t mind that I am not a great friend in reality. I don’t do the emotion thing well, I hide behind sarcasm and I am REALLY uncomfortable with physical contact … unless you are my husband *in which case, bring it on!*

I love to read and grow so I am putting it out here that I will be REVIEWING (at least briefly) my latest personal development reads *as well as tagging in an Amazon link here and there because, well this is a business*. 

I am planning on getting my $#!+ together enough to flush out an “editorial calendar”, because I want this to be something that you come to know and love, and I will build in a flow so that these posts are no longer far and few between with little direction. 

That being said, I need YOUR input as to what it is you feel I do best, what posts or topics do you want to hear more about, NEED to hear more about, and what can I skip all together? This space is Here to Homestead and will be about our family’s journey from *literally* buying a new build in the middle of a subdivision almost 9 years ago, to our goal of owning a homestead in time for our children to grow up there. It’s about learning to live more authentically, to problem solving naturally and moving away from the chemicals and consumerism that plagues our generation, and about finding our rhythm in this clash of noises. 

It’s about a mom learning how to MOM in a society that says that motherhood isn’t important, and about getting back to basics so that I can raise God fearing, respectful and loving little people who *hopefully* go on to make big changes in our world. It’s about clinging to the idea that the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world and living my calling to build a legacy through sharing my passion and raising this tribe. 

So … yeah … expect more, bigger, better and just – well – MORE in the coming year and buckle up because a lot of growth is about to happen!