It’s cliche to say but you KNOW motherhood is not for the faint of heart! 

But, did you know that it is also not for the woman who likes to drink her coffee hot, the first time? 


And the more children you have, the less likely you will be to even SEE the bottom of your coffee cup before you give up completely and just drone on like some sort of twisted mom zombie. 

I mean, I guess it is for the best seeing as I lace my coffee with so much sugar I will singlehandedly keep Redpath in business for eternity (it’s because it tastes so awful after the second round in the microwave, not because I like sweet coffee). But, I could *honestly* go for a coffee enjoyed by the massive front room window, cuddled up with a duvet that hasn’t been stained by my children’s drool or worse … an accident … and my Bible. 

Without the sound of tiny toes slipping … or stomping rather … out of their bunks at the crack of stupid, coyly opening their bedroom door as they attempt to sneak out unnoticed to the rec room where there will certainly make more noise than riled up fans at a Hedley concert. 

(is Hedley even a band still?) 

I know that one day this will happen, one day the boys will sleep past 5:30 and will wake well into the midmorning with all the attitude that goes along with a prepubescent young man who is looking to assert his independence, obviously too cool for his mother or early morning snuggles, and … while I get to enjoy my coffee hot from the pot, I will miss these crazy days. 

I guess the truth of the matter is that the coffee, the quiet, and the next step will eventually come. It will swoop in before you realize that it’s been 3 weeks since you’ve been interrupted, and all of a sudden your kids don’t need you like they did. So I will hold onto my cold coffee, I will reheat and re-sugar it in hopes to finish it this time, and I will be patient in my pursuit of peace and quiet. 

It will come, and I will miss the noise. 


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