What’s this space about anyway?

Alright moms, so I really just needed to reach out and give a little bit of insight on what to expect from this “blog”, from my corner of the interwebs as it were.

I feel like, sometimes … we go in every direction imaginable and – as moms – we have spaghetti brains *I know I do*. SO I figured I would break it down.

This is me.

In a nutshell.

You’re going to get the good, the bad and the (sometimes) very ugly, and HOPEFULLY you will find some inspiration. A word or nugget that helps remind you that you’re not alone on this journey.

So often we feel alone on, this journey. Isolated in motherhood.

In the times when we get too angry, in the times we rejoice, in the times when we wonder, “Is this normal?! Should my kids be like this?! Is this what marriage is really like?”

And all of a sudden, we are on this island of one. Just us. Alone in our struggles. And the feeling of isolation creeps in.

So often we look at social media as a way to connect, to feel like we are a part of a community, a way to ESCAPE our ever day. But, more and more, social media is becoming the highlight reel of other people’s lives. And no matter how honest and open, or transparent people *try* to be (or say that they are) you find, there’s really no truth in it. They’re showing you the highlight of the terrible. The things they’ve already solved, the deep waters they’ve already navigated. You’re hearing their triumphs and the solutions that they have that SHOULD serve in you some way.

And, I’ll admit, there is a *big* part of me that wants my blog to be all about that. A happy, sparkling example of how to be the perfect “real” mom. All the tips and tricks to manage your home, have an amazing marriage, raise well mannered children all while looking amazing, eating organic, growing your own … everything … and smiling because you get a full 8 hours of sleep every night.

Something that shows how expertly I’ve turned every struggle into a success, every misstep into a wonderful rendition of some breathtaking contemporary dance *I can’t dance y’all … just putting it out there, no rhythm unless you count the solid booty shake that happens just about every time I jog to catch up to my children.*

Never-the-less, that attitude, the pursuit of perfection, wouldn’t serve my and my family, nor you … my amazing friends.

It’s just not real.

And, the only things I want to bring you is REAL.

So, there will be times when a post ends in desperation, the reaching out for your tips, your encouragement … other times I hope you’re inspired by the solutions I recommend, by the things I am trying in our family … so, as much as I want to be this Pinterest-Perfect Here to Homestead blog where all my children match in every photo, they are expertly edited, my home is going to be featured next on something by Chip and Johanna Gaines you miss out on the mess, on the real motherhood.

I want you to know that I am right here in the trenches with you. When they are deep, and dark, and *quite frankly* terrifying. I am here … clawing my way out, praying for peace, for the solution, and for the patience in this season, to learn the lessons I’m being taught, and to be steadfast in His grace.

And so I wanted take a moment to say hello, to remind you that we are all in this together, that I am praying for you and hoping that I can help you navigate those tough moments.

Keeping it real,