If being a mom to four boys has taught me ANYTHING, and … well, it has taught me a lot … it has certainly taught me that the bathroom will forever and for always be an area of INTEREST for a young man.

Maybe it is the whole, “oh, I have a PENIS!?” thing, or possibly the idea that they ALL have them and so there is instant comparison of whose is longer, which one hangs funny and – the EVER embarrassing – which one can SHOOT the farthest when one fo the boys “REALLY” has to go.

^^ PS, for those moms who have yet to experience the “pee-bone” … it is, well, shocking the first time. Honestly, every time it is a little alarming! I mean, seriously!!! They are only kids and that thing is locked and loaded, and *heaven forbid* someone call their name mid-stream … disaster!

But, for real. The bathroom and the whole potty-training ordeal is one that I’ve mastered.

Mastered in the sense that I take it less seriously than I do selecting what underwear to wear most days – are they clean, do they fit, are they sexy … wait, who cares if they are sexy, my husband works so hard he’ll hardly have time to notice if they are “sexy” or not, they are coming off and that is all that matters.

Teaching my boys how to use the bathroom, so far, has presented itself in two STARKLY different ways, leaving me with absolutely NO concrete plan for our third and forth, and reassuring me that there is never EVER any truly “fool proof” method of achieving success.


Now, a touch of background into our world of potty-training and some of the quick lessons we learned as I scoured Pinterest for the perfect solution, you know the ones, “How to Potty Train your Son in 1 Day” << that kind of thing!

Potty training, in the sense of us, as parents, TEACHING our children how to master control of their very tiny bladders and bowels, is not something I recommend too early. I mean, it is all fun and games when you can say that your 13 month old can use the toilet on their own, and sure … maybe there is a prize or some sort of acclimation for the moms and children who achieve such mastery so early, but, in my experience, it is best to start when your son is ready.

I know, you all rolled your eyes, sighed and thought to yourself, “sure Cass, when they are ready, WHEN WILL THEY BE READY!?!”.

When they’re ready is the equivalent of me saying that they will eventually just do it so WHY worry, there are very few grown adults that still wet themselves so why push it.

^^ that is just silly!

But, seriously, they will be ready and, if you have ever TRIED to train your son when they WEREN’T ready and you got quickly tired of cleaning up the puddles and messes made as they engrossed themselves in their games, toys, or activities … and then gave up only to come back to it when they were READY, you will know what I mean.

Your son is SMART, he is watching you and I’m sure he is wanting to be more comfortable.

When he starts to let you know that he JUST peed or pooped, or he starts to grab himself BEFORE he goes to the bathroom, *these* are the cues you need to look for to determine his “readiness”. THEN, it is time to start the training. It is also the opportunity to be one of those, “yeah, we trained him in a day.” Moms.

How do I know?

Because, with our oldest, I was on the potty training wagon. We were GOING to do this!

I waited until he was 2 and it was warm (which coincided because his birthday is in May so #winning).

I googled, pinterested and asked every boy mom I knew at the time, how to do this “the right way”. To which I deducted that the easiest way to train him was to allow him to be wild and free.

It would only take 3 days.

Let him run the house and the yard naked and BAM he would learn when he had to use the bathroom.

Sounds wonderful and super easy, especially when all our floors are hard surfaces so cleaning is a BREEZE.

Well, four or five days in , countless accidents and even poops in the corner later, opting for pull-ups and going the “ask him if he has to pee every 15 minutes” route for an additional 2 weeks, THEN asking his care givers to maintain the 15 minute regime to help us achieve SUCCESS … well, let’s just say I gave up.

2 was too young for him, he wasn’t interested in using the bathroom and he wasn’t learning when HE had to go, we were basically surprising his pee into the toilet (I should mention that he was one of those babies that would pee EVERY SINGLE TIME his diaper came off).

And so, we waited.

And about 6 months later when he wasn’t feeling well, he decided that he no longer wanted to mess his diapers (probably to avoid the rash and constant wiping) and he used the toilet.



Potty training success in ONE DAY! … kind of!

And so, with our second, we opted not to pressure him when he turned 2, I tossed out the idea that I would let him go naked for a few days (at this point I had a 3 year old, a two year old and a six month old >> I had enough on my plate, so I avoided cleaning up “spills”. And so we left it a bit.)

Well, and this sounds a little like witchcraft, I’m sure, about 6 months into his second year *so when he was 2.5 years old, or 30 months for those special moms who tell you how old their children are in months past 1 year, or even baby number 2* … our second lad ASKED to use the toilet and to wear big boy underwear.

Now, I will tell you … it took a little bit for him to master pooping in the toilet, and every success was celebrated like as if the Leafs had won the cup. But, one day in and he no longer wet himself, about a week … maybe two, and I wasn’t dropping giant turds into the toilet and soaking underwear in the sink.

So … with our third, I have this thought – he will let us know when he is ready and excited to transition into big boy underwear, we will NOT do the naked thing or the 15 minute nagging, we will watch for signs of his willingness to make the change and praise the crap << pun intended >> out of each success.

Honestly, life is too short to be wasted pressing timelines and pin perfect parenting on our children. They are all so very different, they all take a certain style and patience, and – seriously – what’s one more box of diapers?


Spring Ready Body

Spring has sprung and it is time to put away the winter coats and boots (almost, I meant it is still a risk that you might get caught in 6 inches of snow).

It’s that crazy transition time when the weather is slightly above freezing and every Canadian is out in shorts, a t-shirt and their cracking Birkenstocks from three years past. Everyone and their brother is soaking in the “heat” as our bodies accustom to the changes in season.

As more skin shows, more self doubt sets in (am I right mommies). Here is my simple tip for ROCKING your mom bod this spring!

The Lived In Home

The lived in home is about more than pinperfection. It’s about more than the magazine spread and the coordinated cushions. The lived in home is disappearing.

If I told you that people used to enjoy living in their homes, decorating their homes and just appreciating the simple fact that they HAD a home. That people didn’t agonize over whether their home looked like it was ready for it’s IG photo shoot, never worried if there was enough light or colour to warrant a possible viral post.

There was a time when women were blissfully unaware that they were not meeting the Joanne Gains standard of housekeeping that every other mother seemed to be mastering.

Home was truly where the heart was, not where the idols and keeping up with the Jones’ went on.

What happened to the lived in home?

Just 5 More Minutes

Jumping out of bed with joy and pep seems impossible as a mom who is knee deep in the trenches of sleep feedings and nightmares.

Starting your day with intention and a plan, heck, setting an alarm, seems like a practice in futility when your children will – GUARANTEED – wake up before anything and throw your good intentions out the window faster than that last precious moment of peaceful slumber.

Why though?

What’s stopping us from starting right as mothers?

Stop Judging the Girl in the Mirror

Stop judging the woman in the mirror, or in my case the window. The woman who stretched those spandex over a body that feels foreign to even herself, who showed up despite feeling like packing it in. Stop judging the journey when it’s just the beginning.

10 Memes Moms Get

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