If you haven’t heard, we are in the midst of preparing for a two part move.

Part one, we move out of our home and back into the nest. YUP … back in with my parents for two months, two months that HAPPEN to have the highest number of weeks KNOWN to man in them, like *seriously* normal months have 4 weeks, these months are like a bajillion weeks (I think we counted a total of 11 weeks … which, on this end, seems like an eternity).

Now, I want to make it very clear that I am not *NOT* looking forward to spending so much quality time with my folks again, or that I am dreading this as much as I would say … going to get an unmedicated root canal … BUT … it will be an exercise in grace and discipline. For all of us. And, I know – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that this will be an excellent opportunity to minister to my family as they open their doors to four kids, 2 dogs, and another mother and father. << PS, I have learned, from BOTH sets of our parents, that you never STOP being a parent. Once a mom, always a mom. And so, with this next “in-between” we will have two moms and two dads, working to define the lines of responsibility and respect.

Yup, like an unmedicated root canal.

Anyway, I am home, ALONE, today as I prepare for the final parts of our move tomorrow.

Kid free, ALONE. And, I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t a part of me … a very LARGE part of me, that just wants to take a long shower, drink a hot coffee and maybe take a nap. Because, with 4 dudes under 5 … finding a day to be alone in my own home, is well, kind of like finding a flying, rainbow unicorn who toots pixie dust.

BUT … because that would be a terrible “waste” of this time, and because I would be proving my husband right if I had this time and got nothing SUBSTANTIAL done … I will resign to the indulgence of enjoying a hot coffee, writing this quick post and THEN I will get on with the final touches.

So, what are these blessed last minute tips that I announced as the title of this post you ask?

It’s simple really, the day before the move, if at all possible, you want a kid free home, a bunch of extra boxes, some cleaning products, a hot coffee and a cold beer because YOU are getting to work!

Trust me when I say, even if you slack off royally for the first hour of two of your morning *like I am*, you can move fricken mountains when you don’t have the constant demand of children. Honestly, I am ALWAYS surprised by how MUCH I can get done when I have no children around. Like, do everything, in no time, with very little stress. Seriously, it is almost FUN to clean without kids.

** it brings to mind that meme that says something to the effect that cleaning with children home is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos, and that is no exaggeration **

Another, very important part of this whole packing solo … like without the littles … is you DESPERATELY need to crank those tunes. And you can even allow the ones with the slightly more explicit language because there are no little ears to hear *and*, frankly, the house is eerily quiet when you don’t have the chaos running around. Like, you think you are going to relish the silence – BUT – you’re a boy mom, and there is this automatic response programmed in you that ALARMS you when things are too quiet.

So, coffee *check*, cold brew *check*, packing tape and boxes, cleaning products and them tunes as loud as my iPad can kick it *check, check, CHECK*.

Oh, and if you are wondering what it is I might possibly be listening to, well, let me tell you, I live under a rock now that I have children so I couldn’t possibly stay abreast of what’s hip in my home town. So, I am kicking it with a 90s playlist complements of Spotify!

Spring Ready Body

Spring has sprung and it is time to put away the winter coats and boots (almost, I meant it is still a risk that you might get caught in 6 inches of snow).

It’s that crazy transition time when the weather is slightly above freezing and every Canadian is out in shorts, a t-shirt and their cracking Birkenstocks from three years past. Everyone and their brother is soaking in the “heat” as our bodies accustom to the changes in season.

As more skin shows, more self doubt sets in (am I right mommies). Here is my simple tip for ROCKING your mom bod this spring!

The Lived In Home

The lived in home is about more than pinperfection. It’s about more than the magazine spread and the coordinated cushions. The lived in home is disappearing.

If I told you that people used to enjoy living in their homes, decorating their homes and just appreciating the simple fact that they HAD a home. That people didn’t agonize over whether their home looked like it was ready for it’s IG photo shoot, never worried if there was enough light or colour to warrant a possible viral post.

There was a time when women were blissfully unaware that they were not meeting the Joanne Gains standard of housekeeping that every other mother seemed to be mastering.

Home was truly where the heart was, not where the idols and keeping up with the Jones’ went on.

What happened to the lived in home?

Just 5 More Minutes

Jumping out of bed with joy and pep seems impossible as a mom who is knee deep in the trenches of sleep feedings and nightmares.

Starting your day with intention and a plan, heck, setting an alarm, seems like a practice in futility when your children will – GUARANTEED – wake up before anything and throw your good intentions out the window faster than that last precious moment of peaceful slumber.

Why though?

What’s stopping us from starting right as mothers?

Stop Judging the Girl in the Mirror

Stop judging the woman in the mirror, or in my case the window. The woman who stretched those spandex over a body that feels foreign to even herself, who showed up despite feeling like packing it in. Stop judging the journey when it’s just the beginning.

10 Memes Moms Get

It's the first of April and I firmly believe that we all need something that is #relatable to kick off our morning.  Even if our morning started about 4 hours ago and with children screaming and the stark realization that there its no cream the house aside from what...

There Ain’t No Flies on Us

Did you ever go to camp and sing that diddie There Ain’t No Flies on Us. You know the one, you repeat that very line over, and over, and OVER again in an escalating volume until the point where the kids are screaming in almost inaudible tones and then you bring it...

Chore Charts – Your Husband NEEDS one

Chores are exactly that, a CHORE.

It doesn’t help when your husband is forever asking, “what needs to be done?”

Because SCREAMING, “Can’t you SEE what needs to be done?” isn’t recommended, here is a tip that is simple, effective, and – well – a NO BRAINER … if we are willing to rethink it.

Chore Charts!

Coconut Oil – “I Put that $#!+ on Everything”

I always knew you could use coconut oil in cooking as a healthy alternative, I even found a number of modern applications for it in our home health care routine but when my midwife suggested it could help spice up our sex life I … cringed.

First of all, I had dropped a clue I hadn’t expected … our sex life felt like it was on life support with a DNR more than it did a couple in love. Second, admitting that we might need a boost felt like admitting my lady bits didn’t operate as well as they used to.

Admitting I am getting older and that there are fault lines appearing in our marriage.

Mother Idols

Suppressing our feelings is like shaking a bottle of pop. For as long as those feelings remain behind tightly closed lips, the bottle shakes and quivers, building up the pressure and awaiting release.

Start opening that bottle cap the tiniest little bit and you bet that baby is going to blow!

Girl – It’s OK

Being a mom in todays world is HARD! Everywhere you look people are screaming that you need to do more, be more, expect more. What about being content?

How do you find peace when the world tells you to KEEP RUNNING? Keep going. MORE, MORE, MORE!!!