Oh momma! 

The new year is *literally* on our doorstep and it is time to start thinking about all the things we can (and WILL) accomplish this year. 

… ok, it may have been time to start thinking about these things a while ago, especially since this is coming at you from the “mompreneur” section of the blog which insinuates that this is part and parcel a business type post … BUT, let’s be real, you’re a busy – I’M a busy mom – and we really start getting our act in gear when we ABSOLUTELY need to. 

I mean, that will change as these businesses start BOOMING and we are so wildly successful that we certainly have to start planning these things well in advance so that our amazing team actually KNOWS what is about to happen and doesn’t lose their cool with us. But, for now, we need to at least start talking about what it means to dream for a second. 

Let’s chat – quickly – about some of the things I think we need to consider as business moms, as women looking to grow something meaningful this year WHILE crushing the stay at home mom game. 

First: can we agree that we need to admit that there is no petal to the metal dream chasing when you want to be present and engaged as a stay at home mom. I am not trying to say that there can’t be HUGE success, but – unless you are willing to trade some important time with your children (or you have children that go to school, leaving you with a few uninterrupted hours to grow) you need to admit that there are natural limits to the growth you will see in a short amount of time. 

Downer out of the way, I do believe that consistency is key in any growth endeavour and that is why I think that, this year, we must make a plan to be CONSISTENT in showing up EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Whether it is in a big way or a small one, we need to remember that we agreed NOT to quit, and we have big plans for our business, our health, our home which is MORE important than another episode of Fuller House or Master Chef. 

Ok, so what would I say are some of the most important goal areas for life?

It’s no shocker really … I think our goals need to be well rounded and BIG picture, not sacrificing anything that is truly VITAL for the sake of gains in an area that may not be eternally important (what I mean is, don’t put your marriage or your family on the back burner while you chase a pay cheque). 

So WHAT do you need to start planning, dreaming or doing this year to make it different than the last several years which have found you nearing the end with a feeling of disappointment and doubt? 

Start with the dream and then work through the plan. 

Grab a desk calendar or day planner and schedule in the time you need for yourself, your children, your spouse and your business. Run your day like these are important meetings with important people (because they are) and you care TOO much about each scheduled item to cancel on them << especially on the YOU time, the time you take to grow your mindset, shrink you waist or improve your overall health, that stuff is IMPORTANT. 

So today, today we dream, we vision board, we look at what we would love to accomplish this year – next, we can discuss how to break it down and how to STOP STOPPING. Because we know what it feels like to give-up, we want to know what it feels like if we just don’t quit *am I right!*




Spring Ready Body

Spring has sprung and it is time to put away the winter coats and boots (almost, I meant it is still a risk that you might get caught in 6 inches of snow). It’s that crazy transition time when the weather is slightly above freezing and every Canadian is out in shorts, a t-shirt and their cracking Birkenstocks from three years past. Everyone and their brother is soaking in the “heat” as our bodies accustom to the changes in season. As more skin shows, more self doubt sets in (am I right mommies). Here is my simple tip for ROCKING your mom bod this spring!

Just 5 More Minutes

Jumping out of bed with joy and pep seems impossible as a mom who is knee deep in the trenches of sleep feedings and nightmares.

Starting your day with intention and a plan, heck, setting an alarm, seems like a practice in futility when your children will – GUARANTEED – wake up before anything and throw your good intentions out the window faster than that last precious moment of peaceful slumber.

Why though?

What’s stopping us from starting right as mothers?

Chore Charts – Your Husband NEEDS one

Chores are exactly that, a CHORE.

It doesn’t help when your husband is forever asking, “what needs to be done?”

Because SCREAMING, “Can’t you SEE what needs to be done?” isn’t recommended, here is a tip that is simple, effective, and – well – a NO BRAINER … if we are willing to rethink it.

Chore Charts!

Coconut Oil – “I Put that $#!+ on Everything”

I always knew you could use coconut oil in cooking as a healthy alternative, I even found a number of modern applications for it in our home health care routine but when my midwife suggested it could help spice up our sex life I … cringed.

First of all, I had dropped a clue I hadn’t expected … our sex life felt like it was on life support with a DNR more than it did a couple in love. Second, admitting that we might need a boost felt like admitting my lady bits didn’t operate as well as they used to.

Admitting I am getting older and that there are fault lines appearing in our marriage.

Mother Idols

Suppressing our feelings is like shaking a bottle of pop. For as long as those feelings remain behind tightly closed lips, the bottle shakes and quivers, building up the pressure and awaiting release.

Start opening that bottle cap the tiniest little bit and you bet that baby is going to blow!